Cinema al fresco

Cinema al fresco - A cinematic experience under the starry night sky - 1st April 2023

Forum presents Cinema Al Fresco offers Bengalurians a one of its kind cinematic experience, in a truly unique and mesmerizing ambiance, as the gentle breeze carries the laughter and applause, filling the air with an enchanting atmosphere that leaves viewers entranced and yearning for more. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature's backdrop and a starlit sky, each scene unfolds, transcending the realm of mere entertainment. It becomes an unforgettable moment, a collective celebration of joy and the wonders of cinema. Time appears to stand still as shared emotions and reactions forge lasting connections among strangers.

By screening movies dear to you, we're glad to help you relax and take a mini break from the world's stress. Trust us with one of its own kind movie experiences, where fun and happiness come loaded.