Naseeruddin Shah brings life back to 'Einstein- a character, a creator, while living the role himself' - 25th February 2023

The stage is a magical place where stories are brought to life and souls are rejuvenated. Actors take on their roles as the spotlight shines and the curtains draw.

Whilst portraying the character of Sir Albert Einstein, the legendary Naseeruddinn Shah creates a poetic depiction of the life of the great scientist, full of ideas and emotions. As the play begins, the audience is transported to a different era, where they witness the brilliance of Einstein's mind.

Naseeruddin Shah's performance as Einstein is a true work of art, reflecting his expertise as a master of the stage. His portrayal of the scientist is enthralling, as he smoothly shifts between showing Einstein as a brilliant genius and a flawed human being. He aptly captured Einstein's genius and his battles with fame, family, and his own personal struggles.

The play is a tribute to the potential for greatness within each of us, celebrating the human spirit and inspiring us to believe that we can all make a difference, even in small or seemingly insignificant ways.